These snacks are about as American as it gets. They aren't available in the shop every day, but order a batch for your next party and your guests will be wowed! Deliciousness guaranteed. 

To order these special treats, please email us at info@stoneyclovebakery.com


Ding Dongs

It's impossible to know just how perfect a Ding Dong tastes without trying a bite yourself. These cupcake-sized treats are made of a rich, moist, dark chocolate devil's food cake. Inside, they're stuffed with a light, airy cream, and the whole thing is covered in a layer of chocolate ganache. Crunch through the hard shell to get to the heavenly sweet and soft interior. 



Ask any American and they've surely made some s'mores over a campfire with friends! Normally, they're made with store-bought, cheap ingredients, but we've ramped them up with high-quality chocolate, home made graham crackers, and a lightly roasted marshmallow. Now you can enjoy this sweet combination from home, any time of year!



Pudding is a traditional cream-like substance, similar to the British custard. It comes in many different flavors - chocolate, vanilla, banana cream, and more! Order now and get your own bowl of pudding in any flavor, big enough to share with a group of friends. Perfect for any time of the year and as a snack with any meal.